Our New Year’s Resolution

The time to make New Year’s Resolutions is here again! The time to commit to working out every morning, or changing your diet, or making some other self-fulfilling goal. This year however, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to do something more meaningful. We are just two students sick of sitting around doing nothing and waiting for “real life” to begin. As we have sat around reading statistics, watching the news, and observing the indifference around us to all the serious social injustices that are going on, we have had this burning desire to do something about it. After pondering about what we could do at this stage in our lives, we have decided that our New Year’s Resolution this year is to raise social justice awareness. We want to introduce new issues and influence the way people think about social injustice and perhaps change the way people view what they can do about it. Even if only our parents end up reading this blog, change starts when just one individual decides to take a stand and make a difference…and impacts others…who start a movement…that changes the world.

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One thought on “Our New Year’s Resolution

  1. […] We know we are a few days late, but we still want to wish all our readers a Happy New Year! We spent the holidays across the pond with our families, and despite our best intensions to continue blogging… you know how that ended. Even though we failed slightly short of our 2012 intention to blog daily, we still feel we accomplished the goals we set when we made our 2012 New Year’s resolution. […]

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