An Interview with Jenny & Tyler

Who are you?
We’re a husband and wife folk pop duo based in Nashville, TN. We met in college at the University of Delaware about 7 1/2 years ago and have been making music together in some capacity ever since.
What was the inspiration behind “Faint Not?”
There are tons of wonderful organizations out there combatting poverty, human trafficking, etc. These days it’s easy to support a cause for a time and forget about it after a few months. It seems that social justice has become a bit of a fad. Faint Not is about persevering and living a life of justice. (If you missed our “Faint Not” post check it out here.)
What is your interest in social justice?
We’re definitely interested in social justice. A couple of years ago we were made aware of human trafficking and how it affects individuals all over the world – even here in the U.S. We’ve been working with and supporting a few organizations that work to end slavery.
How do you see your music influencing social justice?
We hope that our music inspires folks to live a life of justice, especially to stand up for the poor and oppressed in their local communities. It’s easy to become discouraged. Faint Not is meant to encourage folks to not grow weary in the fight.
Thank-you Jenny & Tyler for taking the time to answer these questions! Check out more of their music and info at their website here.
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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Jenny & Tyler

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