Scanning the shelves of the local supermarket for a bottle of water can be tough; there are so many different bottles to choose from. Some of the bottles are locally produced or from distant lands, while others are flavored or in fancy shaped bottles. Few give back to the community, and most only give 5 percent of their profits.  One company that gives 100% of its profits to “support clean water projects in impoverished countries” is NIKA. NIKA is “truly the most ethical bottled water brand on the market.”

NIKA is a non-profit organization dedicated “to bring[ing] a voice to the world’s poor who suffer without the basic right to clean water and simple sanitation,” and freeing “the world of dirty water and un-safe sanitation.” NIKA invests 100% of its profits “in water projects through three world-class non-profit organizations: Free the Children, Millennium Promise and Project Concern International.” NIKA provides tools and assistance to fight poverty in Latin America, Africa, and India, while continuing to promote awareness about impoverished nations. Not only do they help bring clean water where it’s needed, but they have also involved themselves as advocates for the environment.

So next time you reach for a bottled water at the super market, look for NIKA and make a difference.

Find out more about NIKA here.

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2 thoughts on “NIKA

  1. John says:

    Cool. Very interesting

  2. […] few of the non-profit organizations Jedidiah partners with include: Nika, International Justice Mission, Not For Sale, Japan Disaster Relief, and World […]

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