Sari Bari

Why do we give gifts? Gift giving is a way of showing our friends and family members that we care enough about them to sacrifice our time and/or money to give them something that they will like (or at least we hope so). More often then not however, the gifts we give end up getting buried at the bottom of the closet or (*gasp*) re-gifted.

Handmade gifts are usually the gifts that get buried the quickest. Gifts like that horrible wonderful sweater grandma knitted you for Christmas last year, or the warm itchy wool socks she made you for your birthday the year before. They are gifts you desperately want to be proud to use (for the sake of the person who made it), but you just can’t bring yourself to step outside of the house with.

Sari Bari specializes in a different category of handmade gifts. Everything sold by Sari Bari is handmade by a survivor of Kolkata, India’s red light district. Each unique item comes with the name of the woman who made it and tells a story of “new life, freedom and hope.” Sari Bari is committed to fighting against human trafficking by giving high-risk girls “life-giving education and work” before they can be exploited.

So next time you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to give that special someone in your life, consider buying one of Sari Bari’s handmade gifts. These gifts tell a story, and (not to belittle grandma’s knitting) they are gifts that can be used with pride and with the purpose of raising awareness.

To find out more about  and to view their products click here. If you visit soon you’ll be able to take advantage of their current sale. 10% all merchandise and free shipping!

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