An Interview with The Rising Son

Who are you?

My name is Tobi Peters and I play in a little band called, The Rising Son.

Why are you interested in social justice?

I am interested in social justice because I care for humanity as a whole. What I mean by that is that the world is a hurting place both physically and emotionally. Not only are we faced with issues involving human trafficking and drug abuse, there are also many people dealing with depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders and unfortunately it is only getting worse. Every day more and more people are losing hope and turning to things that do not satisfy their desires for meaning. It is my mission to spread hope to these people. Jesus Christ is the only way that they can feel complete and purposeful. As Christians it is not our job to shun these people but to welcome them with open arms and help to explain how the love of Christ can truly satisfy all of their needs.

What are some of your musical influences?

Haha a lot and from literally every genre. To name a few Future Of Forestry, Further Seems Forever, Explosions In The Sky, City and Colour, August Burns Red, and Michael W. Smith. All have obviously influenced me for distinctive reasons but that is for another time.

How do you see your music influencing social justice?

I see my music as a means of answering the question, “So what do we do?” as well as a platform to make people aware of it. I love people like you who run this blog. Social justice is not supposed to be a “secret” because it is not one. It is literally happening everywhere. My music talks about the effect this world is having on people and provides the remedy to the many scars that result. I hope that answers your question.

For free music and more information, check out The Rising Son’s website here.

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