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All good things come out of Indiana. Seriously. We’re convinced that 50% of the NGOs* out there right now are either headquartered in Indiana or run by people who grew up/live in Indiana. It’s crazy. Maybe we should move to Indiana so that we can get in on all this action… If moving means we get to work for the NGO World Next Door…we were so there yesterday.

Since we can’t phrase World Next Door‘s  mission any better than they they already have, we’ll let them give it to you in their own words: “Our mission is to use entertaining, thought-provoking and heart-breaking journalism to change ordinary people into wild-eyed revolutionaries and to unleash them on local and global issues of social injustice.” Basically, they are already doing what we’re trying to do here…but 10x better. World Next Door literally brings the zealous spirit behind the social justice movement to life with vivid pictures and passionate writing, which constantly keeps us begging for more. They said it first; their website is “like National Geographic meets Bizarre Foods meets an online blog, all with a social justice focus…” We love it!

If you don’t click on any other link we post this year, please PLEASE click on this one. At the very least you’ll be entertained. In the process, you might even be moved. And who knows…by the end you might turn into one of those “wild-eyed revolutionaries” they’re referring too.

*”NGO” stands for Non-Government Organization.

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  1. […] adventure to Cambodia as a World Next Door intern? World Next Door (read our full profile here) is an online social justice travel magazine that takes a team of summer interns for a two-month […]

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