Project 7: Projects for Good

Greed. Pride. Gluttony. These are just a few of the notorious seven deadly sins. But what if we turned those seven sins upside down? Project 7 does just that. For example, “instead of focusing on a person who is gluttonous, focus on helping the person who has nothing to eat.” Project 7 accomplishes their goal to make a positive difference through seven different global needs. Heal the Sick. Save the Earth. House the Homeless. Feed the Hungry. Quench the Thirsty. Teach Them Well. And Hope for Peace. There are three ways Project 7 accomplishes these global needs:

1. Funding: “You buy. We give.” Their intension is not for you to buy more stuff, just change what you buy. Project 7 offers their products online and at several retail locations. Their products include: water, coffee, t-shirts, mints, and gum.

2. Volunteering: Project 7 strongly encourages everyone to volunteer and “offer [their] time to make a difference.” They hosts 7 Days, which are monthly events to help one of the seven global needs. What makes them even more awesome is their own staff is required to volunteer once a month in the community.

3. Educating: Just as we believe at Rediscovering Social Justice, spreading awareness is a key component to making a difference. “The more people understand the breadth and depth of the issues facing our world, the more people will be motivated to participate in positive change.” Project 7 informs the community by spreading awareness through social media, on both their twitter and blog.

To maintain the seven global needs, Project 7 partners with nonprofit organizations to provide financial support as well as aid, programs, and relief. A few of these nonprofits include World Vision, Plant with Purpose, Invisible Children, Restore International, and Partners in Health.

To find out more about Project 7, click here.

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