Redlight Children

While on a trip to Cambodia in 2002, Guy Jacobson was approached by a group of young girls between the ages of 5-7. One of them offered him this proposition: “I yum yum very good, I no money today, Mama San boxing me (the madam of the brothel will beat me up.)” She was only about six-years-old. Jacobson walked away from this encounter horrified, but also with the determination to do something about the child prostitution he had just been exposed to. With this determination, Jacobson founded Redlight Children. Redlight Children’s main mission is to “end the demand for child slavery and exploitation,” and they do this by raising awareness and fighting against this horrible injustice. One of the many ways Redlight Children approaches this mission is through film and mass media. Jacobson is also the president of Priority Films, a production company dedicated to creating “low budget” but “high quality” films about child slavery and exploitation. Priority Films has already produced a number of films including K11 Project (named after one of the largest brothel areas in Cambodia), “the most comprehensive film project about child trafficking and child sexual exploitation to date,” and Holly, a critically acclaimed feature film. Check out the Redlight Children website to find out more.

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