Dream Children’s Home

Mrs. Rachel Gichia is truly a hero. A few days ago we posted a link to a BBC article entitled, “Why I care for 54 children.” If you read the article, you know that there wasn’t much information given other than the fact that this amazing woman is taking care of 54 orphans. So informative…The internet is a wonderful thing though, because just a few minutes of research reveals the Dream Children’s Home website, which provides more detailed information about the Gichias and the orphanage they run.

As it turns out, Gichia has had a desire to care for orphans since she was a little girl being raised in a slum by a single parent. Growing up she “witnessed how children were suffering after being abandoned by their parents due to liquor drinking or poverty and orphans who were left destitute after the death of their parents.” So when she learned about a recently orphaned four-year-old girl in 2004 that no one wanted, Gichia added the girl to her family of three biological children. Since 2004 Gichia’s family has been growing in leaps and bounds and she and her husband applied and have been officially registered their home/orphanage as a charitable organization. Today the orphanage houses 49 children. These children are each provided with a loving home, education, medical care, and counseling. The orphanage relies on both income generating activities within the orphanage and donations to function. In addition to accepting donations, the Dream Children’s Home accepts volunteers and interns! Whether you work as a teacher, cook, household help, in the orphanage office or all of the above, there are many ways you can help. Not only will you make a lasting effect on these orphans lives, but we’re sure your life will be greatly impacted as well. Children have a way of doing that.

What an compelling example Mrs. Rachel Gichia is. Even though she didn’t have much, she was willing to open her home in order to care for these children who had no place to go. In addition, she and her husband are continually making sacrifies to make sure that these children are fed and educated properly so that they can have bright futures ahead of them. How many of us can say we would be willing to do the same? Very few is my guess…

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