What Difference Does it Make?

Have you ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect?” It’s the theory that one small change on one side of the world, such as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing, can cause a tsunami on the opposite side.

Ever since Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 made a smashing appearance onto the social network and into media headlines last week, people have been talking. Talking about Joseph Kony, Invisible Children, and social justice in general. While some of the comments have sung the praises of the Kony 2012 campaign, others have been extremely critical. Regardless of the response, Kony 2012 has accomplished it’s goal–to raise awareness.

Although people scoff, raising awareness to a social justice cause can make a difference. Yes, “liking” someone’s post on Facebook may impact your  Senator’s decisions. Why? Because even though we have become a “lais sez-faire” society, we are still a democracy.  And when the people speak loud enough, the government listens.

The challenge that we are faced with however, is realizing that raising awareness is just the first step in the process to change. The second step involves doing something with this awareness. We’ve got to take that “like” to the next level. Sign an online petition, call a Senator, participate in a fundraiser–anything.

Even if we don’t necessarily agree with everything Invisible Children is doing, at least they are taking that first step; raising awareness. Because awareness is like the stationary butterfly of the “Butterfly Effect.” It’s not until that butterfly does something–flutters it’s wings–that the change occurs. The important thing to realize is that social justice doesn’t stop at awareness— it begins there. (Check back later this week for a Part 2.)

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One thought on “What Difference Does it Make?

  1. […] the ability to cause a tsunami on the opposite side. In case you missed it (see the original post here), we basically said, YES raising awareness can make a difference, but we have to realize that […]

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