Okoa Jewelry

Okoa means “Restoration” in Swahili. Restoration is exactly what The Okoa Jewelry line strives for; “to restore justice, dignity, and hope through the artistry of beautiful jewelry”. The Okoa Jewelry line is a product of Trade Justice Mission. Trade Justice Mission works to provide care for the poor just as God commanded. They do this by providing “fair income to Third World women and their families and communities by providing them with micro-financing, training, and marketing tools”, educating the importance of Fair Trade and the impact of our shopping choices, and building “bridges of understanding, compassion, and mutual respect through Fair Trade and the artistry of handcrafted Okoa jewelry”.

Trade Justice Mission has been working alongside many women in the countries of Cambodia, the Philippines, Zambia, Tanzania, and Indonesia. These women have been exploited, some sex trafficked while others may be widows living with Aids, but all of them yearn for a better life “even though dire poverty and cultural marginalization left them little hope of escape”. To help these precious ladies, Trade Justice Missions created the Okoa Jewelry line. 

The Okoa Jewelry contains beautiful Fair Trade earings, bracelets, and necklaces made by these women. There are many colorful pieces to choose from; some made from stones and shells, some from recycled glass, and others made of colorful ceramic beads. Help support the rehabilitation of these women by checking out their jewelry and buying some today!

To learn more about Okoa and to purchase jewelry, click here.

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