Looking for a way to combat human trafficking within your local community? Check out Oasis. Oasis is a non-profit organization committed to “empowering people to combat human trafficking in their local neighborhood.” In order to do so, Oasis works with concerned individuals and helps them “understand the dynamics of human trafficking within their community and then provides [them with] the tools to address the issue on a holistic level.” For example, if a particular community has a lot of  “latch-key children,” Oasis will help the community members establish more after school programs to keep these children occupied until their parents can come home from work so that they don’t roam the streets where they are more susceptible to coming into harm’s way. One of the main ways Oasis works with communities is by helping them connect with local law enforcement so that they can create “Freedom Bags,” to give to recently released victims of sex-trafficking. Interested in helping your community become traffic-free? Visit the Oasis website to learn how.

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