One Day’s Wages

What if you took one full day of your wages and donated it? Did you know that would only be .04% of your yearly pay? It really isn’t all that much money and I am sure we could survive without one days pay. One Day’s Wages is an organization that is “a new movement of people, stories and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.” They “exists to promote awareness, invite simple giving, and support sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions. [They] believe technology + relationships is one way to engage millions of ordinary people across the world in the fight against global poverty.”

Their vision is to encourage people internationally by donating one day’s wages and to “renew that pledge monthly, quarterly or yearly –  or to start campaigns with a cause.” One Day’s Wages encourages you to create your own campaign for a cause. You choose how you want to make a difference or you can give to their general fund. They require that 100 percent of your donations go directly to projects, although you decide and choose where to invest your donations they have to be from One Day’s Wages current partner projects and funds, and they also require complete transparency as far as the money being raised, who is being funded, and the impact of those investments. Even with those guidelines, they allow you to specialize your campaign to fit your needs. Forming your campaign is where you can get creative. You can have a birthday party for a cause, an idea for the cause, a group for the cause, or work for the cause.

“While compassion is an important aspect of our humanity, One Day’s Wages goals are not merely to distribute funds, but rather, to partner with organizations already working to allow people to lift themselves out of poverty.”  You can help these organizations by donating to their funds, sharing this organization with friends and family, joining them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets, or by joining their global street team.

 Did you know?
– $20 can provide clean water for one person for 20 years.
– $10 can purchase a bed net to help prevent malaria.
-$100 can provide a woman with a sewing machine and job training.
To learn more about One Day’s Wages, click here.
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