Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves is yet another of the numerous organizations currently in existence, committed to motivating communities to end modern day slavery. The thing that sets Free the Slaves apart from the organizations like it however, is Free the Slaves’ ability to utilize the media as their social platform. Known for their inspirational and quality documentaries, a number of the organization’s films have already made a tremendous impact on raising awareness to modern day slavery and have even been featured on CNN’s “freedom project.” Free the Slaves’ main goal is to end slavery in our lifetime. Although this may seem like a lofty goal, the organization has identified an effective way to eliminate it: targeting the poor. You see, Free the Slaves believes that slavery is “rampant where poor people lack economic opportunities, education, healthcare and an honest government. ” A simple “holistic approach” they believe, “is required to eradicate slavery forever.” To effect this approach, Free the Slaves partners with grassroots movements, businesses and governments. Ultimately, in the words of Free the Slaves’ international advisor, Desmond Tutu, “Slavery is calling for its own end. We must answer that call.”

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