One Mango Tree

This is Anena Betty. She is 25 years old. A beautiful mother of three. And lives and works in Gulu, Uganda. She earns her living at One Mango Tree; to provide “money for food, school fees and clothes for her children. [She] wishes to own and operate her own clothing shop one day, and is saving money to buy land. She also hopes to enroll in computer classes.”

Anena Betty is one of many gorgeous women working in Northern Uganda with One Mango Tree. These powerful women hand craft clothing and accessories; these products include organic cotton maxi dresses, vests in bright traditional Ugandan fabrics, and elegant hand-rolled recycled paper necklaces.

At One Mango Tree “economic empowerment provides the foundation necessary for achieving sustainable peace and development. [Their] model revolves around this belief, going beyond fair trade to create jobs and improve quality of life in some of the most challenging environments in the world.”

One Mango Tree creates a sustainable lifestyle through Artisan Identification, Design Assistance and Training, Market Connection, and Consumer Education.

When you purchase a product from One Mango Tree, don’t forget to check your tag and learn the personal story of the maker. You can also send her a thank you card for her wonderfully handcrafted work.

To learn more about One Mango Tree or to shop online, click here.

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