What Difference Does it Make?–Part Two

Last month we addressed a valid concern: Can raising awareness actually make a difference? We analogized the social justice movement to a scientific theory entitled, “Butterfly Effect.” It’s the theory that one small change on one side of the world, such as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing, has the ability to cause a tsunami on the opposite side. In case you missed it (see the original post here), we basically said, YES raising awareness can make a difference, but we have to realize that it’s only the first-step in a two-step process. Raising awareness is like the stationary butterfly in the theory; it’s not until the butterfly moves–does something–that the change occurs. In light of this statement, we have decided to make a few changes to our blog.

When we first made raising social justice awareness our New’s Resolution, it was kind of tongue-in-check because we really didn’t think that there would be enough information for us to write a social justice related post every single day. Four months in however, we are already realizing just how much information is out there. It’s so daunting…and also desensitizing. We are not ubermensch; we can’t care about every single issue…there’s just too many.

In order to stay sane and not become desensitized, we have decided to focus on specific areas of the movement where we can begin making changes right now and implement that second step–“do something” into our current (and extremely passive) approach. As a result for our own sanity, our format is going to change a little. We are going to start seeking out justice related opportunities in the aspects of the movement we are most passionate about and posting about our experiences. We’ll still continue posting in our current format, but hopefully by June at the latest, we will be able to start implementing some of these new, active “do something” posts.

So all that to say…thanks for following us thus far and hold on to your horses…because this about to get personal.

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2 thoughts on “What Difference Does it Make?–Part Two

  1. icebergahoy says:

    That’s a very wise decision. I fully agree that raising awareness and action have to go hand-in-hand. Wishing you all the best and much wisdom as you move forward.

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