Rebuild Global

Building For a Social Purpose.

As a San Diego based nonprofit organization, Rebuild Global’s purpose is to develop socially responsible and sustainable architecture and design solutions. They work in areas of great need;  both locally and within developing countries such as Gambia, Ghana, Guatemala, and Kenya.

Rebuild Global is composed of professionals and students within the architectural and design field who strive to solve humanitarian problems. Rebuild Global pair professionals with local and foreign nonprofits who are in need of designers. The designers “have the opportunity to provide their expertise to address poverty and hunger, improve education, promote equality and combat infant mortality and infectious diseases.”

Why Design?

“Design has the power to impact every aspect of our lives. Design, in its simplest terms, creates the situations in which we all act, and situations have a stronger impact on personal behavior than anything else. Race, education, religion, up-bringing all impact what we do and how we act, but not nearly as much as the situations we are in. Designing systems for irrigation and food production, shelter, education, and healing that inspire the best in people will change the world.

Design and architecture are too often viewed as unnecessary luxuries: aesthetic finishing touches that do little to affect the utility of a building, garden, or home. It is our environment that affects our behavior and our well-being more than any other factor. It is through design that simple structures can be transformed into spaces that inspire. Hospital rooms that improve healing. Classrooms that motivate learning. Homes that unite families and work environments that foster cooperation and creativity.”

If you are a designer and want to volunteer locally, click here.

If you are a designer and want to volunteer overseas, click here.

If you are an organization in need of a designer, click here.

To donate or learn more about Rebuild Global, click here.

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