IJM Benefit Dinner

This past weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend International Justice Mission’s (IJM) LA benefit dinner. Although I am a poor law student without much to give, I was able to sit there surrounded by some of LA’s most affluent citizens, and display my commitment and support to IJM’s cause through my presence. I also had the opportunity to hear Gary Haugen, IJM’s founder and current president and CEO, talk about some of the things IJM was able to accomplish this past year . Regardless of how much I learn about IJM or how many times I hear Gary Haugen speak, I will never cease to be blown away by the passion and dedication of the IJM staff and in their unwavering mission to eradicate the worldwide practice of human trafficking.

As I sat there listening to Haugen’s speech, I felt the frustration and the urgency the IJM staff in India must have felt as they sat and waited years, for the local police to do something to do with the evidence they had gathered, which proved that a local businessman was brazenly using slaves to operate his brick factory. I also felt the monotony and the unwavering determination members of an IJM staff working in Asia must have felt, as they drove hundreds of miles and spent thousands of hours waiting in conditions akin to waiting in the DMV (Haugen’s analogy not mine), in order to obtain justice for a young girl who had been trafficked.

I left the dinner that night with the conviction that my respect for IJM, and the irreplaceable work they are doing around the world to end human trafficking is unsurpassable. I am eagerly awaiting the day when I will be able to contribute more than just my presence.  To learn more about IJM and to find out how to support them as they work to end human trafficking, click here.

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