Dear Wanderlust….

If you’re a wanderlust with 11 months to spare, we’ve got just the right thing to satisfy your desire: The World Race.

11 months, 11 countries and an opportunity to change the world. Are you listening yet?

The World Race was officially founded in 2007 to give “racers” opportunity to go on a journey to serve “the least of these.” It exists to challenge people to come out of their comfort zones and out of the “American dream,” so that they can be exposed to the wonderful things that God is doing in some of the world’s most raw and unique communities.

Those who chose to participate in the race get to do everything from construction work and running VBS to praying for the sick and building relationships with orphans, and much MUCH more.

So do you have what it takes to be a racer? Do you have a  “good attitudes, limited emotional baggage, and a willingness to change?”

If you said YES (and even if you didn’t), you should take the time to learn more about The World Race by visiting the official website. Why? “Because it’s not about you, it’s about the Kingdom.”

Are you ready yet wanderlust friends? Get set…………………now GO.

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