So What’s Up With Syria?

Earlier this year, stories of bombings and violence in Homs, Syria were all over the news. Now, almost 2 months after the first stories emerged, the Syrian Crisis seems like it has almost been forgotten. It is almost as if the crisis never occurred, when it actually never ended.

So what’s going on?

After almost half a century under the same regime, the Syrians want democracy. The peaceful protests that were started to show dissatisfaction with the current regime, turned into riots and now, the violence has escalated into a full-blown war (well not quite but almost) between the protesters and the current government.

What most people don’t know however, is that this isn’t all about political unrest–this isn’t just about one corrupt, power hungry group trying to usurp power from another equally corrupt group–the Syrian Crisis is about human rights violations.

Syria has one of the WORST track records, for human rights violations in the world (cite). According to The Human Rights Watch, the Syrian government “has been engaged in a brutal crackdown against demonstrators involving commission of  crimes against humanity, such as arbitrary detention, torture, and the killings of thousands of civilians” (cite). Now, as a result of the violence, thousands of civilians have been displaced, kidnapped, tortured, and even murdered by the current government….and things aren’t getting any better.

So what can we do?

Keep talking and remembering what is going on in Syria. The more people talk about what is going on, the more pressure our government and other world governments will feel to make sure that appropriate steps are taken to ensure the safety of the Syrian people. Let’s make sure this doesn’t turn into another “world regret.”

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One thought on “So What’s Up With Syria?

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