Next time you’re looking for a unique gift to take to a birthday party or a bridal shower, consider buying punjammies.

Punjammies are stylish sleepwear pants, that are handmade by women in India “who have been rescued, released or [who have] escaped from a life of forced prostitution.”* The women who make them are part of an aftercare program run by the International Princess Project (IPP).

The IPP began in 2005 after its founder, Shannon Keith, visited one of India’s red-light districts. Because, Keith “could not forget what she saw – young girls sold by their families, orphans picked up off the street by pimps, even young mothers just trying to feed their children” – she decided to start a non-profit organization to aid women who have escaped from trafficking.

Through the IPP, formally trafficked women are provided with “medical care, emotional safety, education and the tools [they need] to create a new way of life.” Teaching them to make pujammies is a way the IPP seeks to empower “each woman with an opportunity to learn a marketable skill and become a part of a viable business.”

Visit the IPP’s online store here, to check-out their fun, colorful collection today! Prices range from $18-$35 per pair (as of today).

*All quotes taken from the official International Princess Project website.
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3 thoughts on “Punjammies

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning PUNJAMMIES! It’s so awesome of you to share our story and help spread our message of hope for these ladies. You rock!! I’m going to pin your blog post on our Blogger Friends Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/punjammies/blogger-friends/

    • You are so welcome! Thank-you for the work you are doing! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything else you would like us to post to raise awareness.

  2. […] International Princess Project, Walking on Water, Three Angels Children’s Relief, and We Will Serve Ministries. […]

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