Freely in Hope

“Restoring justice, dignity, and hope by liberating women and families from the bondage of poverty.”

In the brutal slums of Kenya, hardship is a common household condition. Many homes are forced to live in the slums because they can not afford elsewhere. Many of the households are led by hard-working single women; while taking care of their families, they also have day jobs that bring in little to no money. With less than 1.50 a day, which barely feeds one mouth, they strive to work hard to keep their families alive. As result of this poverty, poor sanitation, sub-par education, hunger, and sexual abuse are key traits to be found in these area.

However, these areas do not have to suffer forever. With the help of Freely in Hope, many women are given opportunities in education and entrepreneurship. These opportunities and accomplishments allow the women to “regain a sense of dignity and in turn, invest resources into her family in hopes of breaking out of the cycle of poverty.”

Freely in Hope Works and Partnerships:

  • Arise Scholarship Program: Provides scholarships to promising high school and college students who are survivors of or vulnerable to sexual abuse.
  • Hope Venture: A program for young women in one of the largest slums in Africa, Kibera, Kenya, which provides opportunities to gain skills, education, counseling, and a mentor.
  • Joyland Special School: This school houses over 300 disabled and abandoned children; they learn to fight discrimination and the stigma against disabled individuals.
  • Kolonya Girls School: Educating and mentoring young girls in preparation for their future.
  • Dorcus Beads: Recycled paper jewelry made by HIV positive women; all proceeds donated to community members affected by or orphaned by HIV/AIDs.

Give to Freely in Hope with a one time donation or a monthly commitment by clicking here.
To learn more about Freely in Hope, click here.
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