Why We Love Rice Bowls

Pocket change. We all have it. Why not save it and give it to hungry orphans? Rice Bowls allows you to easily collect your pocket change and donate it to orphanages around the world. Just follow these steps:

  1. Give the bowls out to a group of friends, family, or coworkers.
  2. Announce a gathering date. (4-6 weeks after start date)
  3. Inspire everyone to fill their bowls.
  4. Collect the bowls on the gathering date.
  5. Break ’em open and add everything up.
  6. Submit funds online or send a check with the return slip.

At Rice Bowls, every orphan is important. They believe “every child needs four basic necessities: Provision, Protection, Affection, and Instruction.” In order to fulfill these basic needs, Rice Bowls has found a simple and easy way to collect our change and donate it for a good cause. They partner with many organizations and orphanages such as Helping Hands, Village of Hope, and Mercy Village, in the countries of Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, India, and the Philippines.


I ordered my rice bowls, so order your free rice bowls today!

All content is cited from the Rice Bowls website. To learn more about Rice Bowls, click here.

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