Big Giving

“We are inspired by the example set by millions of Americans who give generously (and often at great personal sacrifice) to make the world a better place.” -The Giving Pledge

A quick visit to the Giving Pledge website reveals a simple list of over 70 names. Bill and Melinda Gates. Warren Buffet. George Lucas. Denny Sanford. Jeff Skoll. Mark Zuckerberg.

While some of these names may be familiar to the average reader, others may not be. These names belong to some of the wealthiest businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, entertainment and technology innovators in America. Despite their distinctive areas of influence, all of these individuals have one thing in common–they have “committed to giving the majority of their wealth to the philanthropic causes and charitable organizations of their choice either during their lifetime or after their death.”

Although “the Pledge is a moral commitment to give, not a legal contract; it does not involve pooling money or supporting a particular set of causes or organizations.” In other words, each individual chooses to donate to a particular cause or in a particular way. The Pledge website, exists to give each person who chooses to participate in the pledge, a way to publicly state the reason why they are pledging.

While we recognize understand that some may view these letters as a flamboyant and distasteful, others may find the letters interesting, inspiring or maybe even encouraging. You can view some of the letters by clicking here.

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