Kenya’s Unofficial National Anthem


Unity is our pride, brotherhood our strength,
Hate and tribalism, we do not want at all,
We have to unite, to build our country,
Let there be no-one, who will pull us apart.

I live, I hope, I sacrifice forever for Kenya,
Surely as the flag is my fortress,
Black is for the people,red is for the blood,
Green is for the land, white is for the peace,
Forever i am Kenyan, a patriotic citizen.

In pain and suffering, in cries and agony,
Our freedom was grabbed for us by the heroes of old,
They were not deterred by the bullets, or even the the imprisonments,
Their aim was redemption, breaking the colonial shackles.


Now our obligation and responsibility, is to live in love,
From the lake to the sea, from the North to the South.

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