The Love Alliance

The birth of our blog all began with the idea to create an awareness of social injustice around the world. It is important to us to focus on many issues and address them in different ways. Educating not only our friend and family, but strangers half way across the world. That is why when we stumbled across The Love Alliance, we fell in love.

The Love Alliance is a non-profit organization that “works to educate individuals on various issues of social injustice such as world poverty, clean water, sickness, human trafficking, homelessness, the environment, and oppression.” Their purpose is not to change someones life for a short period of time, but to inject justice into an individual for their lifetime. Making sure they truly have an impact, they travel the United States; to schools, conferences, music festivals, and other events. They distribute thousands of social justice information cards, work within community groups, attend monthly actions projects, and sell educational merchandise.

Educate Yourself. Remember the….

PoorSickThirstyEnslavedEnvironmentHomelessOppressed, and Mentally Ill

To learn more about The Love Alliance, click here.


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  1. […] A new micro campaign has formed in order to combat this problem: Soles4Souls and The Love Alliance. […]

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