A Day in the Life

A couple days ago, I had the opportunity to spend a day in the life of a Rwandan artisan through Azizi Life. Throughout the time I spend with the artisans, I hoed a garden, cut grass and carried it on my head to feed to a goat, hauled water up a gigantic hill, ate a traditional meal, shelled a lot of beans, made a couple of mud bricks and learned how to weave. It was a busy busy day, but also quite enjoyable. I think I will always look back at it as a highlight from my time here.

No matter how many times I interact with people living in what we would call “extreme poverty,” I never cease to be amazed with the contentment and joyfulness these people express. They of all people have a right to complain and yet they don’t. Why is that? Why do we who have so much more complain so much for frequently than those who have so little?

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