Vote Plant with Purpose

Would you take a minute to VOTE for Plant with Purpose?

Plant With Purpose, have been selected as a Top 5 Regional Finalist in the Disaster Relief/International Aid category for this year’s CLASSY Awards! Help them move on to the next round by casting your VOTE. Simply click this link, scroll to the bottom of the website-Disaster Relief/International Aid category-find Plant with Purpose, vote, and submit. Voting ends Thursday.

The CLASSY Awards—the world’s largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the world—has selected Plant With Purpose for an amazing opportunity to raise awareness about their work. Plant with Purpose has been selected out of 2,400 nominations as a regional finalist in the Disaster Relief/International Aid category. At this point, we can cast our vote to help select who moves on to the next round.

After you vote, would you consider helping us get out the vote on Facebook or Twitter to help Plant with Purpose move on to the next round?

To learn more about Plant with Purpose, click here.


One thought on “Vote Plant with Purpose

  1. I voted!!! Will you? It’s easy! It literally only takes a minute and you don’t have to submit any personal information.

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