Hotel Rwanda

Although Hotel Rwanda has been on my list of movies to see for a while now, I just got around to watching it a few weeks ago. I was inspired to sit down and watch the film by a visit to Hotel Rwanda, or rather “Hotel des Mille Collines” as it is really called. Little did I know as I spent a very enjoyable evening on the hotel’s cozy outdoor patio, that the very same patio had also been the scene of an intense fight for survival. Almost two decades ago, the very same hotel that comes alive Thursday nights with live music drawing hundreds of tourists and expats, housed over a 1000 refugees during the Rwandan genocide. They survived by sleeping on the patio and drinking the water from the pool it surrounds, all because the hotel’s general manager, a Rwandan named Paul Rusesabagina, dared to defy the murderous Interahamwe militia in order to protect them. Although the movie largely focuses on the events that occurred at the hotel, it does give a brief glimpse of the horrors that occurred during the genocide. As a result, although Hotel Rwanda is not for the faint of heart, I definitely recommend it.

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