Rebbl with a Cause

“Notably, this summer, Not for Sale, a very cool org which works to end human trafficking and other injustices, is launching a new herbal drink called REBBL. Not only does this drink have a super cool name, but it will help provide jobs in [77 communities in] South America, where people are at risk for being trafficked. Sustainable development work like launching REBBL, funding microloans, and creating fair trade businesses is what actually stops modern slavery before it stops!

In addition, Not For Sale will also be using the proceeds of REBBL to fund good stuff:

“The company will also reinvest a portion of proceeds to provide aftercare and rehabilitation to survivors of slavery.”

This is cool, because by doing this Not For Sale isn’t just depending us donors to indefinitely support their charity work.

They are also being pretty brave, asking us to help them launch this new social-good business. Today and tomorrow they are hoping to raise the remaining $55K needed to do this! That is a lot! But they already have raised 100K, which is pretty amazing. And, we get to try out this yummy drink if we donate over $35 to help the Peruvian Amazon area move out of poverty and escape human trafficking. ”

This post is cited from The Average Advocate
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One thought on “Rebbl with a Cause

  1. Thank you for posting on REBBL! This beverage has such a great story, I am glad that your readers were able to be exposed to it. It’s very important that we, as consumers, are actively buying products that are ethically made. Every product has a story. Showing people how to be smart consumers benefits a number of world issues, especially combating human trafficking!

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