Ivuka Arts

I randomly ran into this little art studio the other day called Ivuka Arts Kigali. As I toured the studio looking at all of the amazing paintings on display, I also learned that Ivuka artists partner with some of the nearby orphanages in an attempt to mentor and foster young artists.

In addition, Ivuka artists also teach young women in the community the art of sewing and jewelry making. Since it was founded in 2007, Ivuka Arts has become some of the most sought after arts destinations for Rwandans and expats alike–and there is definitely a reason for this–the art is absolutely beautiful!

After my tour of the studio, I bought an amazingly unique necklace made by one of the young women being trained at the studio. I’ve worn it a number of times and I always make sure to let people know when I’ve received compliments exactly who made it and where they can get one of their own. If you are looking for some unique jewelry or art pieces, be sure to check out the Ivuka Arts website.

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