She’s Somebody’s Daughter

Every second28,258 internet users are viewing pornography.*

“Pornography feeds the demand that drives the sex trade and the sexual victimization of our daughters and sons.”

Although pornography is frowned upon in most households, it still remains one of the largest profiting industries in the world. Most people, including myself, tend to forget that how much of an influence it really has on our society and the trafficking world. She’s Somebody’s Daughter is a blog dedicated to “raise awareness and bring the truth of the social and human costs of pornography and its related activities to light.”

In an excerpt from She’s Somebody’s Daughter, Alex, their summer intern, briefly talks about sex in our society, the strong ties of the sex trade and the pornographic industry, and the need to raise awareness about human trafficking

“While the media has heightened the glorification of sex in our society, it can just as easily educate society on the harms and dangers of human trafficking; on the impact the sex trade has had, not only in surrounding countries, but in our country as well.

That’s why, as a journalist, I choose not to “go with the flow” of the media and glorify or write about scandals, sex, and manipulation. Instead, I choose to shed light on these matters, and the insidiousness that lies beneath them: betrayal, lust, loss of a sense of freedom, coercion, and imposing danger.

I encourage everyone to get involved in raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking and the heightened demand for it: blog and write about it, share articles and fact sheets about it on your social media sites.”

Join She’s Somebody’s Daughter and help raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking and the porn industry. To view their blog, click here. Also, check them out on twitter.

*Statistic from Family Safe Media

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