To Circumcise or Not To Circumcise

Currently, one of the most discussed topics in the world of social justice is the ethics of male circumcision. Up until a few years ago (especially within the United States), male circumcision was a common and widely accepted practice. Even doctors promoted circumcision because they said that it promoted cleanliness and reduced the risk of contracting HIV. With the increasing outcry against female genital mutilation (FGM) and medical opinions retracting the idea that male circumcision results in any increased health benefit, the globally climate towards male circumcision has slowly begun to shift.

Should male circumcision be treated on the same level of human rights violation as FGM? What about the religious significance? Should the significance so many religions give to male circumcision be disregard for the sake of promoting social justice and protecting the rights of male infants? Should parents have control over whether or not to have their infant males circumcised or should this decision be left for the child to decide when he reaches an appropriate age?

What do you think? (Click the picture above for other perspectives and further information.)


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