Art of Collaboration

A few years ago I spent some time in San Francisco with my youth group working with the homeless and a local non-profit. What I remember the most about my trip was walking the back alleys of the Mission District. These were not just ordinary alleys in the middle of a run down and dangerous neighborhood, these were detailed and colorful alleys with garage doors and run down houses painted and beautifully graffitied, with each mural telling a story. The stories were about the struggles and pain the community has suffered. Splashes of honesty and brushstrokes of bright colors across the old and forgotten alleys brought life to this district. It was a vibrant journal that brought hope and peace to the neighborhoods.

My time spent in San Francisco influenced my love for Art of Collaborations idea; to “create vibrant and beautiful street art in Uganda”. With the help of the amazing artist Patrick Maxcy and the non-profits Light Gives Heat, Sole Hope, and IAMJ3, Art of Collaboration is continuing their help in a Ugandan town by painting their village in a positive light.

Click the link to watch a video about Art of Collaboration.

The Idea: “Collaborate with a few other organizations to bring Patrick Maxcy’s amazing talent to this community in September (yep, next month)! Create bright, vibrant, full-scale murals on the side of buildings in this community. [They] want to create pieces that the community is proud of and would enjoy for years to come!

So that’s where you come in! [They have] created some great incentives that will not only allow this project to take place in Uganda but also will allow you, the backers of this project a way to take a piece of the project home with you! From Limited Edition shirts, to books, to a behind-the-scenes video tour just for you… [they] want to bring you along this amazing journey as much as possible!”

How the Funds Will Be Used: Art Supplies in Uganda, Plane Tickets, Travel and Lodging for one representative from each organization and Patrick Maxcy (4 total), and Incentive costs and the percentages that go towards processing and Kickstarter fees

To view Patrick Maxcys work, click here.

To learn more about Art of Collaboration or to donate, click here.

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