Light Gives Heat

“Light Gives Heat creates world-changing opportunities in both Africa and America to take place.

In Uganda [they] partner with local Artisans to create consistent incomes where there once was none. Through [their] Brands SUUBI and EPOH, [their] In-Country Staff create long-term partnerships with Artisans to create beautiful handmade products that will soon grace the shoulders, necks, and wrists of fashion conscious consumers in America and beyond.

In America LGH is committed to not only offering beautiful products and a way for people to support [their] Artisans in Africa, but LGH is also committed to creating experiences that call all of us to look outside ourselves, to find Beauty in the Risk , and to pursue big, beautiful, crazy dreams.”

Light Gives Heat: A non-profit based in Colorado and Jinja, Uganda. Their mission is to “empower Africans through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors. Motivating people int he west to “be the change they want to see in the world“.” They hope “to see Africa rebuilt and renewed from the inside out and to see people in the West living with Hope!

Why does Charity not work? Work does. Here are a few ways you can Work:

1. Purchase Products: You can purchase handcrafted products created by Ugandan artisans. Shop Here.

2. Work Works: Light Gives Heat creates and sustains jobs and have now developed a Work Works system. Their Work Works system allows you  to “partner directly with one of [their] Ugandan Artisans and raise an entire months’ salary in just one week. Click here.

3. Donate: Make a one time donation or a monthly gift. Click here.

4. Connect: Find Light Gives Heat on Twitter and Facebook, then share the word.

To learn more about Light Gives Heat, click here.

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