A Picture of Joy

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Nairobi. While I was there, I spent time with a friend and learning about the work the organization she works for (more on that later), is accomplishing in the Mathare slum. Muthare is one of the oldest slums in Africa and reputed to be home to almost one million people (all though most sources cite a much more conservative estimation). During my walk through the slum, like most visitors to the slum, I was definitely appalled by the density and the amount of sewage and waste flowing into the slum’s water supply. Who wouldn’t be?
I was most struck however, by the smiles I saw on all the children’s faces. Despite the extreme poverty they were living in, these children still able to find a reason to smile. We could all use a lesson on how to be happy not matter what life brings us from them. So, find a reason to smile today. If they can smile, so can you.

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