Our Freedom, His Life.

News of the death of Chris Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya  came as a shock to many. The attack that lead to his murder is said to stem from Islamic anger at the negative portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad that was recently filmed and released in America. According to Islamic law, any portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad is exclusively banned.

The protestors and many Muslims who have not responded violently to this film claim that it is highly provocative and insulting. They claim that regardless of the fact that American’s have a Constitutional right to freedom of speech, this right should not be used to trample on the rights and values of nations and cultures.

Without belittling or making an excuse for the unacceptable violence displayed by the small, savage group that is responsible for the death of Ambassador Stevens, did we as an American public have any part in sparking the violence? In light of unrest going on in the Middle East, do we a people have a duty to those who are serving our country in these violent areas, to refrain from exercising this freedom that we hold so dear? Should we take this attack as a sign that we should stem this freedom in the future to avoid a similiar provocation?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans who were killed in this senseless attack.

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