Adopt a Guy

So the dating world isn’t working out for you? No worries. You can window-shop at the man boutique. Sound a little strange? We think so too.

The French dating website (Adopt-A-Guy) has now set up a traveling pop-up stores in Paris where girls can find their perfect man. These “Ken Dolls” are on display in glass containers for about ten days until they move to another city. Each container is labeled with a playful name, such as Mr.Muscle or The Rocker. “Reportedly, the men in the displays are male models being used for promotional purposes and not, in fact, eligible bachelors.”

While there are traveling pop-up stores, there is also the free Adopt-A-Guy website. “Men “sell themselves” with online profiles and women initiate communication and do the “purchasing” in what the site calls a “market of love”. The Theory is that women will feel less threatened and more empowered if they control the dating process. […] Women look through a “catalogue” of men and pop potential mates into their “shopping cart”.” Sound like online dating? Pretty much.

However, “how much is that doggy in the window” is far to familiar. Ever heard of the Red Light District? Amsterdam’s famous district lined with prostitutes that advertise themselves in the illuminated windows. As one comment in a Daily Mail article stated, “Doing this to men is just as bad as doing it to women and they have been doing this to women for years. Putting them in boxes like a commodity, a pair of shoes or a new phone is wrong. Men nor women are commodities and they are not hotties, they are people.” While others find it funny and say you just need to get a sense of humor.

We think this is a form of exploitation. What are your thoughts?

 This content is cited from the Yahoo article “Adopt-A-Guy: Parisian Pop-Up Shop Sells Men”, written by Sarah B. Weir.
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