Free Aruna

“Human beings the world over need freedom and security that they may be able to realize their full potential.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

Freedom. Freedom is to be set free from slavery. Slavery comes in many forms and resonates in everyone’s lives. Human trafficking and slave labor are one of the most prominent problems of slavery on the planet today. But, we can also become held captive and slaves to emotional battles. “Free Aruna is a company dedicated to raising awareness that all people deserve freedom and dignity. Whether you are enslaved by culture, abuse, anger, fear or anything that holds you captive, you can experience Aruna, you can know freedom.”

It all began with Aruna… “She was born an outcast in India, a Dalit; the poorest of poor, yet she steals your heart at first glance. A mini Halle Berry, beautiful brown eyes, engaging smile, and smart as a whip.

ArunaShe is one of the lucky ones. Aruna has been set free from the bondage of human trafficking and bonded labor. Aruna is Free. Free to dream, free to learn, free to be anything she desires to be.Truth is, we are not all created the same. Around our globe today there are men, women and children thought to be inferior to others. Deprived the very things we take for granted every day.Freedom. Aruna now stands for FREEDOM….Aruna is FREEDOM.”

Links to Freedom: Human Trafficking, Suicide, Body Image, Drugs/Alcohol, Anger, Divorce, Grief, and Pregnancy.

To learn more about Free Aruna, click here.

To purchase a Free Aruna bracelet, click here.

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