A Strange View of Normal.

I accidentally stumbled upon Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District the other night (Yes it really was an accident…I’m extremely oblivious). As I was hightailing my way out of the area, I was saddened by how packed the district was and by all the window displays of scantily clad girls. I wanted to go up to them to tell them that they are worth more than this; that they don’t have to do this.

The thought of legalized prostitution seems so abnormal to me; like a human trafficking nightmare. Even if legalizing and regulating prostitution ia a “safe” way to allow people to have the freedom to work in this field, I disagree with it for the sake of those who are forced into this field. No matter how many regulations the Dutch government put into place, human trafficking is still bound to occur. I think on issues such as this, it is okay to limit the freedom of many for the sake of the few. What do you think?

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