Scarlet Threads

Scarlet Threads empowers rural women through employment.

It all began in 2007 when Carrie and her husband moved from the USA to China to work with special needs orphans. As they began working and knowing the cases of the children, their new direction was clear. Poverty. “Children become orphans due to poverty.  As [they] learned more and talked to people, [they] began to understand that so many of the social problems [they] saw were fundamentally rooted in poverty.”  So they believe that with knowledge comes responsibility, and so they sought out ways to help.

In 2009, they met their first seamstress. “After doing a few small projects for [them], [they] grew more and more impressed with her skill and attention to detail.  [They] learned that she wanted to do more work to help support her family”, and that was when Scarlet Threads was born. They decided to practice Fair Trade ethics and help support the local Chinese community. 

{Empowering}  In a rural area home to many farmers, taxi drivers, and laborers, there are few job opportunities for women, many of whom only have an elementary-school education.  By drawing on the practical skills they learned in their youth, Scarlet Threads provide them with an unprecedented opportunity to earn a steady source of income for their families.

{Employing}  By helping sell their wares in other countries where they can earn higher profits than they would locally, Scarlet Threads provide an opportunity for each of the partnered seamstresses to be self-employed in her own profitable business.

Shop! Check out their wonderful selection of Aprons, Children items, Jewelry, Accessories, Bags, Ornaments, and more.

To learn more about Scarlet Threads, click here.

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