Your Guide to Fair Trade Gum and Mints

Glee Gum: The Worlds 1st Fair Trade gum! All 6 flavors of Classic Glee Gum— Peppermint, Cinnamon, Bubblegum,Tangerine, Triple Berry, and Spearmint— contain Fairtrade certified cane sugar and brown rice syrup. Available in the US, Canada, Latvia, Norway, South Korea, and the UK.

VerMints: Although VerMints uses organic and natural ingredients, only the Cafe Express flavor contains Fair Trade Certified coffee. Available in the US, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Jordan, and the UK.

 Wish 4 Fair Trade: Made with cane sugar bought from the Kasinthula Cane Growers, near the Malawi capital of Blantyre, Wish 4 Mint Balls are a refreshing reminder of how pleasurable it is to share the good things in life. Available in the UK and Ireland.

Sen Cha Naturals: At Sen Cha they believe that success in business is not only determined by profitability, but social responsibility. Sen Cha provides five flavors: Original, Tropical Mango, Pink Dragonfruit, Bombay Chai, and Moroccan Mint. Available in the US.

Teavana-Moroccan Mint Tea Breath Mints: Although these mints are not Fair Trade Certified; with every purchase of Teavana, you are donating to Teavana’s EquaTrade® program which helps fund education, access to safe water and economic development worldwide.

Traidcraft Fair Trade Mint Imperials: Traidecraft fights poverty through trade. They offer Mint Imperials and Butter Mints. Available in the UK.

To learn about Fair Trade visit our previous post by clicking here. Click on the pictures above to learn more about each product.

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