The Whistleblower–>Impact

It’s always inspiring to hear about people who take it upon themselves to try to make a difference in the world. It’s even more inspiring however to see their impact make waves. A couple of months we posted about a book by Kathryn Bolkovac entitled The Whistleblower and about the movie by the same name. For a quick recap, in the late 1990’s Bolkovac worked with the UN in Sarajevo to help bring humanitarian and judicial aid to the newly formed Bosnia and Herzegovina. While there, she discovered that women from Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and other eastern European countries were being trafficked into Bosnia and Herzegovina and that the very people who were supposed to be there prosecuting injustice (namely local officers and officers working for DynCorp, the UN, and the United States government) were actually the ones implementing it. Recently, the UN has begun to revaluate the Geneva Convention and is now working on A New Geneva Convention. The  New Geneva Convention “aims to suggest, in realistic terms, new ways to improve and update international legal institutions to ensure that they remain relevant in intent and practice in a changing era of war and international criminal prosecution.” Not only will this new convention have a “wider social value in helping to restore belief in the ability of the international community to assist in conflict and post-conflict settings without doing further harm,” but it will also hold peacekeepers (like the ones that promoted human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina) responsible for wrongs committed. How’s that for making waves? (All quotes and image taken from The Global Journal).

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