How Can We Be Enemies?

Everything began the day we met 5 boys in a military encampment

in eastern Congo.

They had been taken from their homes and thrown into combat to

fight for two opposing rebel armies.

Boys, forced to fight other boys. When we asked them,

Does that make you enemies?

They answered us with words we will never forget:

We Are Only Boys.

How Can We Be Enemies?

We saw Congo’s solutions laying right in front of us.

These 5 boys are the original whistleblowers.

They paved the way.

Four years later we are investing in 8 Congolese Visionaries.

And over 55,000 of us stand united for Peace in Congo.

We Know There Are More.

We Are The Largest And Most Connected Generation In History.

From New York to Brussels, Kinshasa to Dubai, we ask you:

How Can We Be Enemies?

Wear the whistle and use it as a tool to unite the world toward peace in Congo. Check out Falling Whistles Collection: 5 Boys.


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