Happy New Year!

We know we are a few days late, but we still want to wish all our readers a Happy New Year! We spent the holidays across the pond with our families, and despite our best intentions to continue blogging… you know how that ended. Even though we fell slightly short of our 2012 intention to blog daily, we still feel we accomplished the goals we set when we made our 2012 New Year’s resolution.

The main goal we made last January was to raise social justice awareness. Well, based on our annual report from WordPress, over the course of this past year we have had readers from over 96 countries around the world. 96 Countries! We never imagined our blog would reach so many different people from so many diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Another goal we made was to introduce new issues and influence the way people think about social injustice and perhaps change the way people view what they can do about it. Again, according to our annual report from WordPress, our posts dealing with the conflict in Syria, the genocide in Rwanda and the issue of human trafficking within the United States were some of our most widely read posts.

Although our 2012 New Years Resolution is complete, our desire to raise social justice continues. Looking into a new year, we have decided to refrain from posting daily. However, as we discover new issues we want to share, we will periodically post throughout this next year.

We wish you a Happy New Year and we thank you for taking the time to read our blog.


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