Action Foundation (asylum seekers)

Azizi Life (handmade crafts)

Birds of Hope (clean water and handmade crafts)

Ben & Jerry’s (fair trade ice cream)

CAST (human trafficking)

Charity: Water (clean water)

Demi and Ashton Foundation (human trafficking)

Dream Children’s Home (orphanage)

ECHO (hunger prevention)

Falling Whistles (child soldiers)

Fashion. Love, Africa (fair trade clothing)

Free the Slaves (human trafficking)

Freely in Hope (social development)

Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (human trafficking)

Hope International (microfinance loans)

I am a Treasure (human trafficking)

International Justice Mission (human trafficking)

International Princess Project (human trafficking)

Invisible Children (child soldiers)

Jedidiah (clothing)

Krochet Kids International (fair trade clothing)

Link (North Korea)

Nika (clean water)

Not For Sale (human trafficking)

Oasis (human trafficking)

Okoa Jewelry (jewelry)

One Day’s Wages (poverty prevention)

One Mango Tree (fair trade clothing)

Operation Smile (humanitarian outreach)

Origin Coffee & Tea (fair trade coffee)

People of the Second Chance (global & community outreach)

Plant with Purpose (environmental development)

Project 7 (social empowerment)

Rebuild Global (humanitarian outreach)

(RED) (aids prevention)

Redlight Children (human trafficking)

Restore International (human trafficking & education)

Rice Bowls (poverty prevention)

Sari Bari (fair trade clothing and housewares)

Starbucks Coffee Company (coffee)

Shared Hope International (human trafficking)

Slavery No More (human trafficking)

Soccket (humanitarian development)

Soles4Shoes (economic development)

Somaly Mam (human trafficking)

STOPstart Global (fair trade shopping)

Surf Aid International (humanitarian outreach)

Suti Sana (fair trade purses and bags)

Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade shopping)

Thousand Days (humanitarian development)

Tostan (social transformation)

The Giving Pledge (humanitarian outreach)

The Global Journal (journalism)

The Hunger Site (fair trade shopping)

The Love Alliance (humanitarian outreach and merchandise)

The Mocha Club (fair trade coffee)

The World Race (humanitarian outreach)

The 94 Store (handbags)

Three Avocados (coffee and clean water)

Vans Shoes (working with Krochet Kids International)

VisionSpring (eyewear)

Warby Parker Eyewear (eyewear)

World Next Door (journalism) (fair trade)

World Relief (humanitarian development)

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