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Sisterly Love


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Justice & Tebow

He peaked America’s interest when he showed up to the 2009 BCS Championship game with “John 3:16” etched into his eye black, causing over 90 million people to search the web to determine how the name “John” and the numbers “3:16” relate and what they mean. As the Denver Bronco’s quarterback last year however, he stole America’s heart when he led his struggling team into six straight wins and started a trend called “Tebowing,” which soon became a global phenomenon.

The thing that makes him endearing to us however, is the fact that he started the Tim Tebow Foundation while he was still in undergrad to “inspire and make a difference in people’s lives throughout the world.” The Foundation operates a non-profit organization called “First and 15,” which seeks to bring “Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour
 of need.” The Foundation partners with a number of other non-profit organizations including the W15H Program, Cure International and Uncle Dick’s Orphanage, which is located in the Philippines, in order to make sure that underprivileged children both in America and around the world have the opportunity to experience these values.

Learn more about the Tim Tebow Foundation by clicking here.

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We Were Made to Love

Check out this new, original video from The Rising Son! “True Hospitality” was written for a specific purpose in mind–to garner and spread more awareness for Olive Crest–an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and preserving families, “One Life at a Time.” Find out more about The Rising Son here, and read our exclusive interview with the band’s lead singer here. And enjoy the video!

P.S. For booking and partnering inquiries, please contact Abbey Bennet with The Rising Son by clicking here.

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