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With This Ring

Are you ready for some Radical Giving?

“What if the ring on your finger could save a child in someone else’s arms? What would you do? Ali Eastburn took the ring off her finger. She sold her wedding ring to help drill a well in Africa. Her husband Ken says it’s an even bigger symbol of love now.

Then lots of other women did the same, so Ali started With this Ring, a radical giving community in partnership with Living Water International.

Are you ready to give radically? Let With this Ring help. Learn how to turn your jewelry into safe drinking water here. Shopping for jewelry? Buy it from a With this Ring auction! 100% of proceeds from your donation or purchase help Living Water International provide safe drinking water in Jesus’ name.”


To learn more about With This Ring, click here.
To learn more about Living Water International, click here.
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The Importance of Clean Water

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The Mocha Club

Did you know the average American spends about $14.40 a month in coffee shops?* It is approximately $175 annually.* However, what if you gave up two of those handcrafted beverages a month? What if you gave up that seven bucks and donated it toward children living with AIDS? You can actually do that. It’s called The Mocha Club. The Mocha Club is an “online community of people giving up the cost of 2 mochas a month – or $7 – to fund relief and development projects in Africa.”

When you donate $7, you choose the project your donation will support. These development Projects include: Clean Water, Education, Child Mothers +
Women At Risk, Orphan Care + Vulnerable Children, and HIV/AIDS + Healthcare.

A few examples of how your donation works:

– $1 = $18 in medical equipment shipped

– $6 = emergency food for 1 family for 1 month

– $7 = clean water for 5 Africans for 1 year

To ensure the effectiveness of your donation, The Mocha Club provides monthly updates, as well as details about each project in Africa through videos and their blog.

The Mocha Club partners and features many artists. These artists choose a specific project to support; you can join them by supporting the same project or by supporting the artist themselves. Some of these artists include: Lady Antebellum, Sanctus Real, Lovedrug, Hawk Nelson, Jimmy Needham, John Rueben, and many others.

To learn more about The Mocha Club or to donate your 2 mochas a month, click here.

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World Water Day 2012

“World Water Day is observed on March 22 every year. The day to recognize the importance of earth’s most precious natural resource was proposed 20 years ago at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. While we often take water for granted, many cannot. And water plays a role in almost everything we do. We drink it, wash in it, play in it, generate power with it, irrigate crops with it, travel and transport goods on it, fight fires with it, and worship with it. Gathered here are images of water from the last year in all its uses, in scarcity and in abundance.” — Lane Turner from The Boston Globe
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Water Changes Everything

Charity Water donates 100% of its public donations to water projects, which bring clean and safe drinking water to those in developing nations. The cool thing about this non-profit organization is that literally every penny “goes to people in need. Private donors, foundations and sponsors cover [their] operating costs — everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies. This allows [them] to continue using 100% of public donations for water projects. Even the credit card fees from your donation are sponsored” to insure your donation is used properly.

Charity Water has successfully provided clean water to 91 projects in clinics/hospitals,  703 projects in schools, and 5,391 projects in communities. Charity Water continues to grow and provide clean water to developing countries, but the unique part of this organization is their website provides proof of every project. Every project can be found through the use of google maps, along with a detailed description of the location, what was successfully accomplished, and who they partnered with. In addition, Charity Water breaks down the process of your donation, step by step, so you know exactly how your money is being used and proving to you 100% of your donation is going directly to water projects.

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Scanning the shelves of the local supermarket for a bottle of water can be tough; there are so many different bottles to choose from. Some of the bottles are locally produced or from distant lands, while others are flavored or in fancy shaped bottles. Few give back to the community, and most only give 5 percent of their profits.  One company that gives 100% of its profits to “support clean water projects in impoverished countries” is NIKA. NIKA is “truly the most ethical bottled water brand on the market.”

NIKA is a non-profit organization dedicated “to bring[ing] a voice to the world’s poor who suffer without the basic right to clean water and simple sanitation,” and freeing “the world of dirty water and un-safe sanitation.” NIKA invests 100% of its profits “in water projects through three world-class non-profit organizations: Free the Children, Millennium Promise and Project Concern International.” NIKA provides tools and assistance to fight poverty in Latin America, Africa, and India, while continuing to promote awareness about impoverished nations. Not only do they help bring clean water where it’s needed, but they have also involved themselves as advocates for the environment.

So next time you reach for a bottled water at the super market, look for NIKA and make a difference.

Find out more about NIKA here.

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