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Gifts that Keep Giving: Coffee

Who wouldn’t say no to a bag or two or even a year’s supply of coffee? Check out your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean for some limited edition fair-trade coffee bags. If you’re feeling more adventurous/generous however, check out Kopur Coffee’s website and give a special someone a 4-12 month coffee subscription. By doing so, they’ll get a variety of exotic coffees from Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Mexico and Ethiopia, and you’ll help provide a small-time coffee grower and his family with sustainable income.

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Gifts that Keep Giving: Sleepwear

Girls always love a new pair of soft warm pajama bottoms, so why not pick up a fun, new pair from the International Princess Project’s Fall and Winter Punjammies collection for someone special this holiday season? Punjammies are stylish sleepwear pants, handmade by women in India “who have been rescued, released or [who have] escaped from a life of forced prostitution.”* The women who make them are part of an aftercare program run by the International Princess Project (IPP). By purchasing a pair of pujammies through the IPP, you will be helping provide formally trafficked women with “medical care, emotional safety, education and the tools [they need] to create a new way of life.” Click here to visit the online store.

*All quotes from the official International Princess Project website.

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Gifts that Keep Giving: Eyewear

Do you a friend or family member who wears glasses or just likes wearing glasses to look cool (like me)? If so, check out Warby Parker’s Holiday Spectacle Bazaar. In honor of the holidays, Warby has released a whole new holiday collection of their signature hip and trendy inspired glasses. As always, for just $95 (this INCLUDES prescriptions) you can purchase a unique pair of glasses this holiday season and through their “Buy a Pair Give a Pair” slogan, Warby Parker will also donate to partner organization that focuses on bringing affordable glasses to those in need of them. Check out the Holiday Spectacle Bazaar by clicking here.

If you don’t have any friends or family who wear glasses, there’s no need to worry! Warby also has a whole collection of SUNGLASSES! In addition, if you click here, you can pick up a pair of Warby’s unisex, limited edition Pencils of Promise sunglasses that feature a batman-inspired, “perfect-for-autumn honey hue,” and Warby will donate $30 to Pencils of Promise–a non-profit devoted to building schools in the developing world. (*Update: It looks like Everett frames may be out of stock, but it looks like the Aldous frames are still available!)

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Gifts That Keep Giving: Trees Please

GiftofHopeIn December, Plant With Purpose is running a Christmas Trees Please campaign to reach 9 million trees planted internationally

“Deforestation and poverty are intimately linked together. As trees are cut down, surrounding farms becomes less productive. Water sources dry up, and erosion carries away the nutrient-rich topsoil. Planting trees fights poverty by restoring soil and water sources, bringing productivity back to the land. Fruit trees protect against erosion and provide a source of food at the same time. Nitrogen-fixing trees add vital nutrients back into the ground while anchoring and buffering topsoil. The results are increased food production and better nutrition for hungry children. Larger crop yields also lead to greater family income, which means money for children’s school fees and renewed hope for tomorrow.”

viewCartImageExternal.doWith $1, you can plant 1 tree.
With $10, you can plant 10 trees.
With $25, you can plant 25 trees.
With $50, you can plant 50 trees.
With $100, you can plant 100 trees.

Click here to donate now.

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Give the Gift of Awareness…This Christmas

As this year’s Christmas shopping season starts to take off in full force, we thought that it would be fun to identify some meaningful gifts that we (and your our readers), can give to our friends and family this holiday season. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be circling back to a number of the various organizations we have profiled this year, in order to highlight specific ways you can give unique gifts to friends/family  and at the same time help make a difference in the life of someone suffering from a social injustice. In other words…how you can give a gift that keeps giving. One of the best parts…none of our gift suggestions will require you to leave your house and fight those terrible holiday crowds. (Can I get a hooray?!?!) Be sure to check back with us on Sunday for our first gift idea.

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Sari Bari

Why do we give gifts? Gift giving is a way of showing our friends and family members that we care enough about them to sacrifice our time and/or money to give them something that they will like (or at least we hope so). More often then not however, the gifts we give end up getting buried at the bottom of the closet or (*gasp*) re-gifted.

Handmade gifts are usually the gifts that get buried the quickest. Gifts like that horrible wonderful sweater grandma knitted you for Christmas last year, or the warm itchy wool socks she made you for your birthday the year before. They are gifts you desperately want to be proud to use (for the sake of the person who made it), but you just can’t bring yourself to step outside of the house with.

Sari Bari specializes in a different category of handmade gifts. Everything sold by Sari Bari is handmade by a survivor of Kolkata, India’s red light district. Each unique item comes with the name of the woman who made it and tells a story of “new life, freedom and hope.” Sari Bari is committed to fighting against human trafficking by giving high-risk girls “life-giving education and work” before they can be exploited.

So next time you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to give that special someone in your life, consider buying one of Sari Bari’s handmade gifts. These gifts tell a story, and (not to belittle grandma’s knitting) they are gifts that can be used with pride and with the purpose of raising awareness.

To find out more about  and to view their products click here. If you visit soon you’ll be able to take advantage of their current sale. 10% all merchandise and free shipping!

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