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Rachel’s Last Wish

To learn more about Charity: Water, click here.

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Water Forward

Water Forward is a project by Charity: Water; to join this movement, click here.

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Birthdays Can Change the World

To donate your Birthday, click here.

To learn more about Charity Water, click here.

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Three Avocados

Every morning, millions of people start their day with a fresh cup of coffee. You may be one of them. How much better would that cup of coffee taste if you knew exactly where it was coming from and who exactly it was supporting?

You can make one great cup of joe from Three Avocados Uganda Bugisu coffee. This 100% Arabica coffee is “grown at an elevation of 6,200 feet in the mountains of Uganda.” This coffee not only provides something delicious for you, but brings clean water to the village of Balopa. With 100% of their net profits going directly to supply clean water, Three Avocados is a developing non-profit organization that is finding a “creative solution to ending the global water crisis.”

Although their coffee is not certified, Three Avocados is “proud to say that [their] coffee is grown organically and is fairly traded… The reason behind this is simple: The small cooperatives that grow [their] coffee simply cannot afford the cost of certification. The certification process cost ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. For a person with an average income of about $1/day, that cost is simply unattainable, even when split amongst the farmers in the coop. [They] hope that as [they] grow, [they] are able to help the coop obtain the necessary certifications.”

A few ways you can support Three Avocados:

1. donate

2. buy a coffee subscription or by the pound

3. shop their retail store

4. get involved/spread awareness

To learn more about Three Avocados, click here.

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Birds of Hope

Emily and Allyson are perfect examples that you can make a significant difference no matter how old you are. Just in their early teens, these girls have dedicated their time and sewing abilities to help fight the water crisis in Zambia. The Zambian communities need clean water, so Emily and Allyson donate the sales from their handmade Birds of Hope to provide bio-sand filters and community wells.

Emily and Allyson realize that “[b]eing a young girl in Zambia means you will likely be responsible for gathering water for all of your family’s needs. Being a young girl in America means you will likely be responsibly for gathering whatever resources you have to help those in need.”

These girls sell their cute handmade birds to support Active Water. Active Water is an organization that “uses athletic lifestyle and grassroots campaigns to bring clean water and sanitation projects to needed communities throughout the globe.”

The purpose of the handmade hanging birds are not solely to support Active Water and bring clean water, but as an awareness tool. While your donation makes a difference in Zambia, you can make a difference with your bird. Give it away and share the story.

Check out Birds of Hope and buy your bird today, click here to learn more.

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